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Pendragon, was built in 1994 by Exmoor Steam Railway. She is a 2-4-2T, with 4" Bore by 4.75" stroke Cylinders and 150 PSI working pressure. She was originally built as 12.25" Gauge for the now-closed Ashorne Hall Railway, where she was named "Ashorne". While being 12.25" gauge, she even managed to go on holiday to the Fairbourne miniature railway in North Wales (1995/1997).

In 2005, Ashorne Hall closed on the sad passing of its owner Graham Whitehead, Pendragon and the rest of the railway were sold off at Auction. Pendragon then made her way to the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway, where 20 yards of 12.25" track was for her. She was then, taken down to Exmoor, where she was regauged to 10.25" by her builders and returned to Rudyard to take up running trains in Easter 2006.

Pendragon happily ran trains at Rudyard until 2017, when she got stripped down for Boiler work. In 2018, she came up for sale and was purchased by the current railway’s owners. Since the ownership, she’s had a brand new firebox, new driving wheels, a full strip down, and an overhaul. During her 28 years, she had a few changes of colours. Originally built and outshopped in Maroon. Later changed at Rudyard, to a bright Kermit Green.

And more recently, since her last overhaul, Greyfriars Grey. Pendragon then ran at the short-lived Astbury Light Railway from 2021 until 2024. Pendragon has got to be one of the most travelled 10.25" gauge locomotives in the UK.

Since 2018, she has visited Royal Victoria Railway, Wells and Wallingsham's, Ferry Meadows, Lappa Valley, Trago Mills, Bressingham Steam Museum, Hastings Miniature Railway, Beale Park.

And a claim to fame, the first engine 10.25" engine to go through a McDonald’s drive-through.