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Glen Auldyn

Isle of Mull Railway

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A Bo Bo diesel with all wheels powered by hydraulic motors. It was originally built on Mull by Bob Davies with a Commer van engine in 1986. Nicknamed the Flying Wardrobe it was not a handsome engine.

She was rebuilt by David Vere into the form she is today; a further rebuild complete with a new Perkins diesel engine and further body enhancements ensued in 2012 when she was purchased and returned to service at Rudyard. It’s another powerful and useful locomotive and only slightly smaller than Frances. Fitted with a handbrake and its also piped for air and vacuum brakes.

Glen Auldyn is actually in the Isle of Man not Scotland. It was named by former ownner Nick Dodson who lived nearby. She is now in regular service at Rudyard and one of the stars of the annual Diesel Gala.