Rudyard Lake Steam Railway

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Isle of Mull Railway

The Isle of Mull Railway closed in 2011 after nearly 30 years of operations and everything was put up for sale in 2012. Amid much secrecy most the assets were purchased in October in 2012 and removed from the island and stored in Oban. The assets purchased consisted of diesel locomotive Frances, virtually all the passenger carriages, 17 sets of points, 1.25 miles of track, 2 turntables and the Craignure signal. Shortly after that the diesel locomotive "Glen Auldyn" and the steam locomotive "Victoria" were also purchased.

Frances pulling one of the last trains in 2011

The same scene 1 year later in 2012 after track lifting

And so the search began for a new site to locate everything; the original idea to located it on Speyside on former GNSR trackbed fell through after landowners could not be persuaded to sell. A further site at Norham Station in the borders also succumbed to the same problem. Meanwhile the railway sat silently in storage awaiting its future to be decided.

The rolling stock in storage near Oban in 2013

Several more sites came and went and nothing suitable was really found; a farm site south of Oban was considered but access proved too difficult to overcome. In the meantime the three former Mull locomotives had been moved to Rudyard to keep them in operational condition.

The rest you can read elsewhere; a deal to purchase Rudyard Lake Steam Railway was done late in 2015 and the assets of Rudyard and Mull were combined into a new company, Leek and Rudyard Railway Ltd - the name being chosed to reflect the growth aspirations of the new railway using the assets from Mull. The Isle of Mull Railway will live on at Rudyard as all the assets are combined into the new railway over the coming years.

The Mull track, points, turntables and signals ahead of their move to Rudyard

The Isle of Mull Railway lives on through its website which is being maintained as a reminder of this great railway. Please pay it a visit:

Check our news pages for information as various assets of the Mull Railway are brought back into use at Rudyard.

Track lifting in 2012