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Steam & Diesel Locomotives of Rudyard Lake Steam Railway

Rudyard Lake Railway Locomotives

Steam Locomotives

Our original 2 steam locomotives were of the same 2-4-2 type and came from the same builder. However Merlin which was built 5 years after Excalibur is physically bigger. This means that it holds more coal and water and that two people can sit in the cab more easily. These two have been joined in 2005 by a sister steam engine 2-4-2T No.9 now called Pendragon and a new much larger 0-6-2T No.8 King Arthur.

The boiler pressure of the 2-4-2 tank engines is 150 pounds per square inch and the cylinders are 4 inch diameter with a 5 inch stoke.  They have roller bearings on all the axles and weigh about 2 tons each. They have power to spare in pulling any train we wish and are very reliable and economical in use. It costs less per day to run one of the steam engines than the petrol engine.

No. 6 Excalibur (River Churnet) 2-4-2T Works No. 294 built in 1993 by Exmoor Steam Railway

This locomotive was built in 1993 and painted in green livery with the name River Churnet. It has was rebuilt in 2003 and renamed Excalibur and is now repainted in a lined blackberry black livery. In service in 2015

No.7 Merlin 2-4-2T works No.296 built 1998 by the Exmoor Steam Railway

Merlin is painted blue and was overhauled and had its boiler re-tubed in 2005/6 at Rudyard. It passed its steam test on 2nd Feb 2006 and is back in use.  In service in 2015

All the 2-4-2T steam locomotives have also been 12.25 inch gauge before coming to Rudyard and ran on the railway where they were built. This was the Exmoor Steam Railway at Bratton Fleming near Barnstaple in North Devon.

No.8 King Arthur is an 0-6-2T Works No 324 built 07/05

No.8 King Arthur in 2006

King Arthur is believed to be the most powerful conventional steam engine on this gauge of railway. It has cylinders 5.625 X 7.5 inches and a boiler pressure of 150PSI. It has been designed by the Exmoor Steam Railway specifically to pull the heaviest possible trains on the railway. It is a great success and is both economical and powerful.

It is very similar to a 15 inch gauge engine that runs at Longleat.  At 41 inches wide and 5 feet high it is at the limit of the loading gauge for this size of railway. It is in service in 2015

No.9 2-4-2T Pendragon Works No. 297 built 1994 by the Exmoor Steam Railway

This is a sister engine to Merlin in most respects but being slightly shorter and painted maroon. It ran at Ashorne Hall in Warwickshire until that railway closed. It was changed to 10.25 inch gauge over winter 2005/6 and renamed. It  entered service at Rudyard in March 2006 as Pendragon named after King Arthur's father Uther Pendragon. It had returned to the Exmoor Steam Railway for conversion on October 8th 2005. Trial runs at Exmoor were successfully carried out on October 9th and complete trains from the Ashorne Hall railway were run for probably the final time. It finally returned to Rudyard on 5th March 2006 and is now in service. It runs the opposite way round to all the other locomotives.  It is in service in 2015 and now painted  bright green.

Atlantic Locomotive Waverley No.196

This locomotive is now normally resident on the railway. It was built in 1950 by David Curwen and has run at Weymouth, Loughborough and on Mull. Now owned by a small group of enthusiasts  it is used from time to time on lighter trains or the double head heavier trains. It went to Bowness in Scotland in early 2004 for attention to its boiler and tender and returned on August 27th 2005. The boiler had its boiler tubes replaced and was then given a 10 year hydraulic test. The profile of the tender wheels was also improved and an air brake system added. It is now dual fitted with air and vacuum brakes. This engine is in service in 2015 after extensive work to the valve gear.

Talyllyn Sub Divsion

A short length of dual gauge track has been laid at Rudyard so that our 7.25 inch gauge locomotives and equipment can run. There are 2 steam engines and 3 carriages available based on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales. These trains will only run on special event days. The engines are:

No.2 Dolgoch & No.4 Edward Thomas 

Diesel & Petrol Locomotives

No. 2  Mordred

This is a 4W petrol locomotive built in  1969 by Mr. Terry Stanhope. This engine has also been 2 foot and 15 inch gauge. It is mainly used for works trains. It has a Morris minor petrol engine which runs very well. It was rebuilt in 2003 and fitted with air brakes. The cab was lowered and it was repainted bright red. Removed from the railway 1/1/2006 for engine overhaul by Dave Cruickshank of Middlewhich and has been repainted in green. It  returned on July 23rd 2006 and is in use.

Sir Ernie

This is a 2-2-2 battery electric 'device' fashioned from an electric wheelchair and can haul a wagon or transport a person the length of the line.

No. 5 Lady of the Lake

This is a 4W +4W diesel locomotive built in 1989 by a local contractor Mr. L. Smith of Leek. It has a Lister three cylinder diesel engine. It is probably the largest diesel locomotive in existence on this size of railway. It was overhauled and repainted in Summer 2007 and emerged in yellow livery in 2008. It is in working order in 2015

Visiting engines

The list of visiting steam engines in order of appearance is:

Bray Valley( Tryfan) 2002 ,2005 & 2014, Waverley( now resident) 2004, Ivanhoe 2004, E.R.Calthrope 2004, 2007 & 2012, Pulborough 2005 & 2009, Gt. Northern No.251 2007, 2014 Dolgoch in 2008, Peggy in 2009, Belle in 2010, Victoria in 2011, 2012, 2013,

Interfleet from Derby also use the railway to test their entry to the Railway challenge competition each year.

 2014( now temporary resident at Rudyard) Glen Auldyn was the visitor in 2013 and Frances in 2014


Trains run on Sundays 11.00am to 4pm( 3pm in winter) from mid feb to end November & Saturdays from Mid March to end of October and daily in School holidays

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NEW   2-6-2T Victoria

This locomotive is now at Rudyard for an extended stay after the closure of its home railway on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. Its a powerful locomotive and a good complement to King Arthur. Built in 1993 by David Vere its in use in 2015

King Arthur at rudyard in 2006 No.2 &  No. 5 on a ballast train Merlin's chassis under repair Waverley sets off from rudyard station with a train Pendragon painted green Victoria steams off on a train at Rudyard Merlin & Excalibur River Churnet at Exmoor steam railway Excalibur on easter egg special