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2015 Railway News

A contract has now been signed for the sale of the railway and most of the rolling stock to the Leek & Rudyard Railway. This will be completed in late December 2015.

Trains will continue in 2015 and run on the advertised days finishing on 29th of November and the new railway will start its services on 1 January 2016.

The existing owners will retain ownership of 2 steam engines , 3 carriages and the brake van which will be on loan to the new company for 2 years. The new company will be bringing the former Mull Railway equipment and track to Rudyard

The 2015 steam gala was a great success in September with good weather and busy trains .Every piece of rolling stock and all 10 engines were used at some point.

Steam Trains ran every day July 22 until September 2nd, 11am to 4pm. After a quick repair to Pendragon which meant taking the boiler on and off we finished the daily running with everything working as usual. Pendragon has also had its wheels turned whilst we replaced the 4 main axle bearings. Its back in use from October. All the steam locomotives except Victoria have passed their annual boiler inspection and are ready for 2016. Victoria will be going away for a 10 year boiler overhaul this winter.

Our large engine King Arthur is running again having completed also its 10 yearly boiler overhaul. All the 6 steam engines and 4 diesels are kept in working order.

Lots of work is also being done to the track over the winter and spring. This work is continuing to upgrade the section from the loop to the Dam with only 6 panels now left to do.

Diesels Glen Auldyn & Frances are a really useful engines. Glen is seen here in the yard and used on works trains and standby for passenger trains. Its being used on the programme of track work to upgrade the section of track from the Dam to Lakeside loop. Engine King Arthur is in bits for its 10 yearly overhaul this winter and work has now started to take it apart. Its boiler has had new tubes fitted and has passed its hydraulic pressure test.