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2008 Railway News

After a good start this was a slightly disappointing year. Thanks to the thoughtless actions of Cheshire County Council who closed the main road from Macclesfield to Leek for 8 weeks in the summer holidays. This caused a significant loss of business as the diversion was 20 miles extra via Buxton. The poor weather and start of the recession also contributed. It was still the second best ever year at the railway but slightly down on 2007.

The railway still expanded its days of running and all the trains were again steam hauled. The diesel Rudyard Lady did get a repaint and the addition of new air brakes.All the railways 5 steam locomotives were used throughout the year.

The signal box at lakeside loop was erected in the year. It was formerly at Fairbourne point in Wales and donated to us. We collected it in 2006 and put it into store.It wass finally brought out and used in Spring 2008.

We hosted a visit by The Heywood Society on 8th May 2008 where all our 5 engines were in steam.

The yard points were all replaced with points re-gauged from the 12.25 Ashorne Hall railway. We also constructed a new point from 13.5 pound per yard rail. These were connected to an ex London North Western Railway ground frame. This made a vast improvement to the ease of use of the railway. It also extended the run round loop so that 7 coach trains fit.