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Ten and quarter inch track gauge railway trains and the 10.25 inch Railway  Society

Track gauge - Ten and a quarter inch gauge railway trains (10.25 inch)

This long established track gauge working out at approx. one fifth of standard gauge. Originally almost all railways were built to this gauge with scale models but in recent years narrow gauge prototypes have become more common and equivalent to half scale of normal narrow gauge locomotive. This allows two adults to sit side by side inside the engines and carriages.

This is an old established railway track gauge with many railways built to this size in the past. The gauge is the distance between the rails measured from the inside edges.

The railway at Rudyard Lake is 10.25 inch in gauge ( the distance between the rails) and to narrow gauge proportions.

Rudyard Lake Steam Railway is one of the largest of the track gauge in the UK if not the world especially the size of the trains and rolling stock The links above tell the story of Rudyard and its ten and a quarter (10.25) inch gauge railway trains.

10.25 inch Railway Society

This Society exists to promote & record the use of railways with gauges over 7.25 and below 15 inch gauges

Link to ten and a quarter inch railway society website. Click here

The volunteers at Rudyard to help get this society off the ground again in 2010 by providing a new committee which largely handed over at the AGM in 2011. Take a look at the website and do join if you like these sort of trains. The annual membership fee is very modest and good value.

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Modern narrow gauge type ten and a quarter inch gauge engines at Rudyard Scale model atlantic type 10.25 inch gauge loco Waverley